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In Search for a Home

So, I'm finally venturing out from inside this hidden high security vault, and find a new place to live. With my girlfriend. Who's moving from Poland. This is going to be an adventure!

This is my first real time looking for a place, and it's all a little confusing. Started to hunt for a nice place for both of us this week, which is going ok but we haven't seen anything really fancy yet. Since neither of us have any strong ties to where I currently live, we could look for a place anywhere but we're opting to stay near Shropshire to stay close to my family.

The only big factor in finding where we want to live, however, is internet speed! At my current place, I average about 2.7 Mb/s down (0.7 Mb/s up), and I'm maxed at 3 down. My girlfriends place is even slower, so we're really hoping to find somewhere that's at least half decent.

Not much else to say for now, back to watching movies and being lazy!

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A Bukkit full of fixes

So Minecraft beta 1.6 came out today. Four times, in fact. What a fun day this has been!

After staying up all night to prepare for the patch (which was scheduled to come early morning) and make sure this update goes as smooth as possible, it hits about 10am my time and instantly the whole team are ready to go and working together over Skype to get this done as quickly as humanly possible. It took us 2 (!) hours later, in which time Mojang released 2 more (minor) updates, but we finally had a 1.6 compatible build ready to go. Everything went better than we could have imagined!

And then we went to test it. Oh joy. None of our test servers were strong enough to let us all join the same server. And trust me, these aren't cheap VPS' with 500mb of ram. What the hell could be making it go so slow?! We spent about an hour trying to figure out where the bottleneck is, with a few small theories but none remotely coming close to fully explaining the 100% CPU. We were all too tired and too worn out to find this, but we couldn't test without it. Tricky situation.

We decided to push what we had of the update live, and let the community try dev-test it for us. We usually don't do this so early, we like to at least know that the basics work before letting other people look at it, but we didn't have much of a choice.

And then minutes later, a wild patch appears! Patch uses CPU fix. It's not very effective! Enemy server feints.

Seems Mojang, too, couldn't find the problem so easily. They managed to release a 1.6.4 a ...

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Bloggeration commencing!

So, I've finally got around to making a website! And an actual website this time, and not "this site is broken"!

The blog aspect is based off Zinnia, a cool little open source blog project for Django. The rest of the site (which as of time of writing, is extremely little) are my own Django apps. This's my first real project in Django and I must say I'm liking it so far!

I decided a while ago that I needed a blog so I can write about the rather amazingly stupid adventure I recently had towards the end of my previous job. But I think I might just skip that depending on how bored I'll get, and just skip to the more boring technical posts. Who doesn't love technical blogs about something nobody really cares about! <3

My current plans for this site are to redevelop the old IRC stats I ran for #mmo-champion in django, and then find something interesting to blog about. Maybe squirrels. Squirrels are cool, right? My lovely girlfriend Marzenia wants a blog set up too, so I'll probably tackle that first.

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