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In Search for a Home, and people who know how to sell it

So I had a viewing today with the apartment we were supposed to see last week. We talked about it and from what we already saw from outside and such, we decided we'll probably go for this one unless it's too noisy or there's any other big issues from the viewing today.

So I arrive there dead on time, and I get a call; "Sorry, the guy's going to be late, he's very busy today". Okay, fine, at least they told me this time. I waited around and he gets here 5 minutes later, which isn't bad at all. We talk, shake hands, the usual introductory crap and I notice he's looking around like he's lost. I ask him what's wrong, and he admits he has no idea where the apartment is. No problem, it's a confusing area, I'll show him!

We get inside, he closes the door with the keys still in it from outside. Hm. He pulls out a big factsheet for the apartment and takes a minute or two reading it over, and then just puts it down and walks up to the window.

"Well here you have, uh, a laundrettes. You use them to wash your clothes. Obviously. And there's a flippin' fish. Not sure if you're aware, it's a fish and chip shop. Maybe you're into that sort of thing." And he just lists everything he sees from outside. Useful maybe, but I already knew all this. I knew all this from just glancing outside. Maybe he's just getting it out of the way!

"Unfortunately this place hasn't got a driving space, so- oh, sorry, it has two parking spaces. Imagine that, the parking is bigger than the ...

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This blog isn't daily!

People keep asking me why I haven't made a new blog post yet. Odd because there's only about 2 people subscribed to this blog anyways. But this isn't daily, it's just whenever I have interesting stuff to say!

I'm currently working on a django IRC stats+log system for #mmo-champion (and such channels I'm in). So far I've had a big success working on the log, I think it looks quite good so far. Example screenshot!

I've another apartment viewing tomorrow by myself (my girlfriend has gone back to Poland). It's the one that the agents cancelled because they didn't have a key. If it's good, I'll probably make an offer, it's the best one we've seen so far (even though we haven't actually seen it all) and we're running short on time.

In other news, today I just found out that £550~ of my already-low amount of cash was stolen from me sometime last year. I visited Sweden in April and had some cash converted, I didn't use it and hid it away somewhere fairly safe for a time that I might need it. I should have checked on it more often or put it back into the bank, because I found out that someone had found and stole it last year (I have no proof but I know whom it was. They also stole a key to the house, which is how they got in. We took it back months ago, but the damage is done.)

There's nothing I can do about the money now, it's long gone and there's no chance of me getting it back (even if I can prove who did it). Someone close to ...

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