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In Search for a Promising Home

We didn't get the last place with the stairs and the pig. Sucks, but someone beat us to it :(

So I arranged for 2 more property viewings. One of them was so new on the market I had to have a small argument with the agents that they did actually have it. "It's on your website" "No it isn't. We don't have it". But they did, and I just got back from viewing the place now.

I had the same agent as the viewing as I did back on the 15th. The guy who wasn't really sure of much. He had no idea of anything of this house and had to call the people up to find out how many bedrooms it has and how much it was etc. To be fair, it was very recent on the market, I guess.

It's a lovely place in a lovely street with lovely neighbours and everything was just lovely. It's furnished, and the furniture is lovely.

The living room is lovely. It's not huge but it's not small either, it's just right. No pig, unfortunately :( It has a lovely view to the garden out front, a big sofa, chairs and a spot for a TV. But we won't be using a TV so that's moot for us.

Upstairs we have just one double bedroom, with a nice big bed and huge walk-in wardrobes. You could fit about half a dozen people in these things. The windows overlook the front garden of the house which is a nice view again, and there's a great big chest of drawers for putting stuff in. Overall awesome for the bedroom.

The bathroom has the usual stuff, shower, bath and looks quite nice. Not ...

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