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Good news, and bad news.

Good news, two people who read my blog! I got the house :D I'll be signing for the place on the 29th and moving in shortly after, looking forward to it but it's quite scary! My girlfriend will be moving over in the middle of August so I'll have some time alone to get used to. But yay!

In other news, at my current place our internet is absolutely terrible lately. We're with a company called Pipex, who once got bought out by Tiscali, who then got bought out by Carphone Warehouse and got part of Talk-Talk. I think. It's complicated. Anyways, the last 3 weeks our internet connection has decided to randomly disconnect, and can take anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes to reconnect. It's very frustrating.

We did a line test with BT (who own the line), everything checks out. I tested it myself using a phone and it works fine, and I also tried to connect using our other phone line and same issues. So it's absolutely not the phone line.

We called up the ISP a few days ago, and explained the situation. They said "our router isn't supported by them because Belkin (the brand) use their own 'signal channel' to connect to the internet at the exchange which is why it sometimes doesn't work". Yeah, crap technobabble. They didn't acknowledge any faults with the service or such, and just tried to sell us a Talk-Talk branded router instead. We hung up.

Pretending it wasn't the ISP, I decided to buy a new router and see if that works. It's fairly hot here, the router is fairly old and we use it a lot. It could be overheating, right? Well, new router came, set ...

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