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Minecraft 1.9 has rcon and query!

However, there's absolutely no documentation on how it works. Considering it came out just earlier this day I'm not really surprised, but I thought I'd go fix that. Here's a tech document for you guys on how the status query works. To clarify: This means lots of tech data that probably means little to anyone else. Helpful for those of you who run websites for this kinda stuff, not helpful to Mrs. Sue who's looking for a new recipe for crafting her own bread.

The status system is incredibly simple, with only 2 possible packet types that you can send to it. It runs on UDP and thus supports multicast requests (initially), but individually replies to each one. In addition, it uses a challenge token which is explicitly designed to prevent multicast status updates, so you can request a challenge with no issues but when it comes to actually asking for the server status, you're outta luck. Keep in mind, all my diggings into this is from datamining, I am not an absolute authority over the meaning of any of these values. In addition, the protocol is very likely to change in the future. In the case that it does change, I'll update this post (and make a new one saying the changes).

It's also designed to carry a custom 4 bytes (a single int or 4 chars, whatever floats your castle) between requests so you can easily pair-up any data you receive with a request that you initially sent.

Every packet you send must be prefixed with two magic bytes (0xFE, 0xFD), followed by a packet-type (again, a byte). There are two current packet types: 0x00 and 0x09. 0x00 is responsible for actually giving you the status of the server but ...

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