Look mum, I'm on tv!

I decided to give the plugin video tutorials a try, and now I regret it after seeing the terrible quality it produced. But I've already published the first ep, so I'll make a few more and see if I get any better.

The first episode of my tutorials is up, you can find it over here. For the generator used, you can find that over there and for the end result of the tutorial (the sourcecode+jar) you can head on over yonder.

The quality sucks, I suck and the tutorial sucks. But I'll try better next time, I promise!

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Bukkit Pluginator

Bukkit has recently hit its milestole 1,000th build on the 17th. The commit that brought it up to this lovely number was my new Permission system! This marks a pretty big week for Bukkit.

I've decided to look into making a small video tutorial series on how to make simple Bukkit plugins that actually do stuff, and see if I can clear up some mysteries surrounding some methods whilst I'm at it. I might not actually pull this off and will give up next week, but I'll certainly give it my best shot.

To aid in making plugins, I've created a small tool which I'm dubbing The Pluginator. Simply enter a few details about your soon-to-be plugin, and it'll create the basic structure for your plugin (it compiles and everything!). No more worrying about the messy stuff, and you can now jump straight into the code within seconds.

I'll be expanding on my toolset soon by adding something to edit Permissions and Commands, but I'll come back to them later. Planning first!

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Good news, and bad news.

Good news, two people who read my blog! I got the house :D I'll be signing for the place on the 29th and moving in shortly after, looking forward to it but it's quite scary! My girlfriend will be moving over in the middle of August so I'll have some time alone to get used to. But yay!

In other news, at my current place our internet is absolutely terrible lately. We're with a company called Pipex, who once got bought out by Tiscali, who then got bought out by Carphone Warehouse and got part of Talk-Talk. I think. It's complicated. Anyways, the last 3 weeks our internet connection has decided to randomly disconnect, and can take anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes to reconnect. It's very frustrating.

We did a line test with BT (who own the line), everything checks out. I tested it myself using a phone and it works fine, and I also tried to connect using our other phone line and same issues. So it's absolutely not the phone line.

We called up the ISP a few days ago, and explained the situation. They said "our router isn't supported by them because Belkin (the brand) use their own 'signal channel' to connect to the internet at the exchange which is why it sometimes doesn't work". Yeah, crap technobabble. They didn't acknowledge any faults with the service or such, and just tried to sell us a Talk-Talk branded router instead. We hung up.

Pretending it wasn't the ISP, I decided to buy a new router and see if that works. It's fairly hot here, the router is fairly old and we use it a lot. It could be overheating, right? Well, new router came, set ...

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And now we wait!

I made an offer on the last property I posted about, now it's just waiting. I have a good feeling though, but we will see!

The agents phoned me up yesterday morning and asked if I was going to make an offer, apparently the landlord was interested and wanted to know. They hadn't done this for any other property I've viewed, so I'm not sure what it means. Either way, I went later that day and everything is good and sent!

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In Search for a Promising Home

We didn't get the last place with the stairs and the pig. Sucks, but someone beat us to it :(

So I arranged for 2 more property viewings. One of them was so new on the market I had to have a small argument with the agents that they did actually have it. "It's on your website" "No it isn't. We don't have it". But they did, and I just got back from viewing the place now.

I had the same agent as the viewing as I did back on the 15th. The guy who wasn't really sure of much. He had no idea of anything of this house and had to call the people up to find out how many bedrooms it has and how much it was etc. To be fair, it was very recent on the market, I guess.

It's a lovely place in a lovely street with lovely neighbours and everything was just lovely. It's furnished, and the furniture is lovely.

The living room is lovely. It's not huge but it's not small either, it's just right. No pig, unfortunately :( It has a lovely view to the garden out front, a big sofa, chairs and a spot for a TV. But we won't be using a TV so that's moot for us.

Upstairs we have just one double bedroom, with a nice big bed and huge walk-in wardrobes. You could fit about half a dozen people in these things. The windows overlook the front garden of the house which is a nice view again, and there's a great big chest of drawers for putting stuff in. Overall awesome for the bedroom.

The bathroom has the usual stuff, shower, bath and looks quite nice. Not ...

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In a Possibly Successful Search for a Home

Small post, but I just wanted to have this down. After much talkings with my girlfriend, we've decided we're going to make an offer on the last place! Huzzah! Now to figure out how we actually do that. Hmmm.

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In Search for a Home, and the Worlds Steepest Staircase

So, I had another viewing today. Two bedroom house, nice area, even has a mini garden. Yay!

I was 5 minutes late thanks to traffic, but thankfully the agent was nice and didn't care. The house is a rather old building with black and white beams inside, but it's rather lovely.

The living room is fairly spacious and comes complete with a toy pig. The agent said it comes with the house, sounds like a tradition! It directly connects to the kitchen and stairs leading to the 2nd floor (it has a 2nd floor!) and a little hallway on the other side of the house to the downstairs bathroom and the back alleyway.

The kitchen is pretty meh, it's a sink and two cupboards. It has fixtures and a space for a gas cooker, but obviously we'll have to buy it ourselves. It's average sized, I'd say, considering it joins into the living room and such. There's a few more cupboards in between the living room and the kitchen so that makes up for only 2 in the kitchen itself.

The bathroom is big and the utilities inside it are small. We have a small toilet, a small sink and a bath. The bath has a tap-shower attachment, but that's fairly meh.

The alleyway outside is nothing to mention really, but there's a little garden which comes with the house and it's somewhere along the alleyway - we couldn't see it as the agent wasn't told by the landlord which one would be ours.

Going upstairs, you have two big bedrooms with lots of room for nekkid parties and all the things we love. No built in wardrobes or spacing for clothes or anything fancy like that, just 4 ...

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Tooth Tales

So I have a third set of teeth, and apparently this is pretty rare.

A few years ago a premolar from the 3rd set decided to show itself, but I already had a tooth where it wanted to grow. So it grew inside my mouth, towards my tongue. I thought "That's odd!", cut my tongue on it a few hundred times, and thought nothing of it for a few years.

Now, a few months ago, it started to feel ignored. It wanted attention, it didn't like the tooth I already had in its place so it decided to play rough. It's currently knocking my other tooth out of the way, and there's not really much I can do to stop it.

The tooth in question is actually a premolar, so it won't be that noticeable that I'll be missing a tooth there. But the embarrassing part about it is that I won't actually be missing a tooth, the 3rd one would still be there and it's just at the worst imaginable angle possible - the other side of my jaw. To give you an example, my tongue actually rests on it. It's that far in.

I'll have to arrange to see a dentist about it soon, hopefully it won't be too painful. But either way, this tooth is coming out soon and it's :(

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In Search for a Home, and people who know how to sell it

So I had a viewing today with the apartment we were supposed to see last week. We talked about it and from what we already saw from outside and such, we decided we'll probably go for this one unless it's too noisy or there's any other big issues from the viewing today.

So I arrive there dead on time, and I get a call; "Sorry, the guy's going to be late, he's very busy today". Okay, fine, at least they told me this time. I waited around and he gets here 5 minutes later, which isn't bad at all. We talk, shake hands, the usual introductory crap and I notice he's looking around like he's lost. I ask him what's wrong, and he admits he has no idea where the apartment is. No problem, it's a confusing area, I'll show him!

We get inside, he closes the door with the keys still in it from outside. Hm. He pulls out a big factsheet for the apartment and takes a minute or two reading it over, and then just puts it down and walks up to the window.

"Well here you have, uh, a laundrettes. You use them to wash your clothes. Obviously. And there's a flippin' fish. Not sure if you're aware, it's a fish and chip shop. Maybe you're into that sort of thing." And he just lists everything he sees from outside. Useful maybe, but I already knew all this. I knew all this from just glancing outside. Maybe he's just getting it out of the way!

"Unfortunately this place hasn't got a driving space, so- oh, sorry, it has two parking spaces. Imagine that, the parking is bigger than the ...

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This blog isn't daily!

People keep asking me why I haven't made a new blog post yet. Odd because there's only about 2 people subscribed to this blog anyways. But this isn't daily, it's just whenever I have interesting stuff to say!

I'm currently working on a django IRC stats+log system for #mmo-champion (and such channels I'm in). So far I've had a big success working on the log, I think it looks quite good so far. Example screenshot!

I've another apartment viewing tomorrow by myself (my girlfriend has gone back to Poland). It's the one that the agents cancelled because they didn't have a key. If it's good, I'll probably make an offer, it's the best one we've seen so far (even though we haven't actually seen it all) and we're running short on time.

In other news, today I just found out that £550~ of my already-low amount of cash was stolen from me sometime last year. I visited Sweden in April and had some cash converted, I didn't use it and hid it away somewhere fairly safe for a time that I might need it. I should have checked on it more often or put it back into the bank, because I found out that someone had found and stole it last year (I have no proof but I know whom it was. They also stole a key to the house, which is how they got in. We took it back months ago, but the damage is done.)

There's nothing I can do about the money now, it's long gone and there's no chance of me getting it back (even if I can prove who did it). Someone close to ...

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