Ever tried to write an "about" page for yourself? I don't know how people do it. What do I say here? I don't know. I'm me! I do get asked a lot of the same questions so I suppose I could just answer those...

I was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1991. I moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2012 to work for Mojang, specifically on a silly game called Minecraft. I now live here in Stockholm with my beautiful fiancée and a silly little cat, though I don't speak any Swedish and I don't understand most of what goes on in my life (though, who truly does?)

I am a Game Developer, and that is what I do. I develop games. And tools. And websites. And bots. Lots of stuff, really, but I like the title Game Developer because it sounds a little cooler than just being a silly old Software Developer. I am more known for the game Minecraft, of which I have probably contributed the most code to according to github - though that means little, I am certainly not responsible for how the game got to where it is today! Before I joined the Minecraft team at Mojang, I created a project called Bukkit which was an unofficial Minecraft API. That is how I got to be where I am today!

I've already ran out of stuff to mention, except perhaps that I'm red-green colourblind and my favourite type of hug is all of them. At the same time.