In Search for a Home

So, I'm finally venturing out from inside this hidden high security vault, and find a new place to live. With my girlfriend. Who's moving from Poland. This is going to be an adventure!

This is my first real time looking for a place, and it's all a little confusing. Started to hunt for a nice place for both of us this week, which is going ok but we haven't seen anything really fancy yet. Since neither of us have any strong ties to where I currently live, we could look for a place anywhere but we're opting to stay near Shropshire to stay close to my family.

The only big factor in finding where we want to live, however, is internet speed! At my current place, I average about 2.7 Mb/s down (0.7 Mb/s up), and I'm maxed at 3 down. My girlfriends place is even slower, so we're really hoping to find somewhere that's at least half decent.

Not much else to say for now, back to watching movies and being lazy!


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