In Further Search for a Home: Addendum

Just got back from the fourth apartment for today. Taxi was 15 minutes late, and thus we were late, but it's all good the current occupant is very friendly and doesn't mind. Yay!

This one was literally 1 foot away from the entrance to the building. That's both very cool (yay, less walking!) and very not cool (noise!). Building looked like it only had about 6 apartments though, and the girl said it's always very quiet there, so I guess that's fine.

Apartment had one bedroom, which was a very tight fit for a double bed but looks quite nice. I'd probably hit my head waking up every morning though, I'm not too keen on overhead cupboards for beds.

The bathroom was tiny, everything inside it was tiny to make it look bigger. It apparently had a bath and a shower, but I think they wrote bath instead of sink. I didn't see a thing!

Living room and kitchen were kinda merged into one, but I don't know how I'd describe that. They were clearly separated and there was even a wall and everything, but it was just one room. Fun! Kitchen was recently redone and looked really nice, and the living room was cosy but fairly small. We'd probably have to squeeze to fit two computers in there.

Nice neighbourhood, fairly quiet and looks really good, but the apartment is right outside a primary school which could get noisy. Overall, I like it, but we'll hold out for something else.


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