In Further Search for a Home

So we've booked a bunch of viewings for apartments and a couple of houses, had 3 already today in the same block of apartments, and another different one later tonight.

The ones we saw today were converted from an old boys school, it's very roomy and quiet and just overall lovely. The first apartment there had a very high ceiling, which is always good for tall people like me, but right as you come through the door to the apartment there's a cupboard on the left which was strategically placed so that you're guaranteed to hit your head on it as you enter. Not cool. The kitchen was fairly nice but meh, and the bathroom was very pink, but otherwise we liked it.

The second one was recently renovated and had a very nice kitchen. The window sill in the living room was huge and I swear it can double as a sofa, and the bathroom was just lovely. It was a single bedroom, but large enough that you can squeeze a double bed in there. Living room was okay, enough for what we need but we're holding out for something bigger. Overall, this one was our favourite from the 3. Just wish it were a little bigger.

The third one was tiny, had a tiny kitchen (you could barely move!) and also features a pink bathroom. Definitely not big enough for us. Still looked nice though.

Fourth apartment tonight, another one tomorrow, another one on tuesday and we're waiting to hear back for a couple more viewings elsewhere. Busy busy!


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