In a Futile Search for a Home

So it's now tuesday, my girlfriend goes back to Poland tomorrow and we won't see each other again until I manage to find us a place.

The apartment viewing on Saturday was cancelled, the current owners of the apartment don't want a couple living there. Yay.

There was a final viewing today at 1, and we decided to go there a little early just in case we wouldn't make it in time (yay taxis!). We arrived at 12:55 and nobody was around, okay, we're early so it's kinda to be expected. But then we waited, and suddenly it was 1:25 and we decided to go yell at the agents.

"Oh, we don't actually have keys to that property, we cancelled the appointment a few days ago. We were supposed to leave you a message!".

So that's that. We've now seen a total of 4 apartments (well, 2 unique) and we've ran out of time. I'm going to try to find a place on my own now, but things might start to get pretty bad soon. :(

From outside, the place looks okay. It's spacious inside and looks fairly fancy. I checked it out with BT and they say I can expect ~17Mbps there. Yay! But, it comes with a down side: It's directly on the corner of an extremely busy road. Not so sure I could survive the noise. Maybe it's quiet inside though, there's no way for us to know without actually going in.

Here's hoping for a miracle home to drop out of the sky. Somewhere quiet.


Someguy on 06/10/2011 2:19 p.m. #

Wait, skip back a few moments. What happened with your job?

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