In Search for a Home, and the Worlds Steepest Staircase

So, I had another viewing today. Two bedroom house, nice area, even has a mini garden. Yay!

I was 5 minutes late thanks to traffic, but thankfully the agent was nice and didn't care. The house is a rather old building with black and white beams inside, but it's rather lovely.

The living room is fairly spacious and comes complete with a toy pig. The agent said it comes with the house, sounds like a tradition! It directly connects to the kitchen and stairs leading to the 2nd floor (it has a 2nd floor!) and a little hallway on the other side of the house to the downstairs bathroom and the back alleyway.

The kitchen is pretty meh, it's a sink and two cupboards. It has fixtures and a space for a gas cooker, but obviously we'll have to buy it ourselves. It's average sized, I'd say, considering it joins into the living room and such. There's a few more cupboards in between the living room and the kitchen so that makes up for only 2 in the kitchen itself.

The bathroom is big and the utilities inside it are small. We have a small toilet, a small sink and a bath. The bath has a tap-shower attachment, but that's fairly meh.

The alleyway outside is nothing to mention really, but there's a little garden which comes with the house and it's somewhere along the alleyway - we couldn't see it as the agent wasn't told by the landlord which one would be ours.

Going upstairs, you have two big bedrooms with lots of room for nekkid parties and all the things we love. No built in wardrobes or spacing for clothes or anything fancy like that, just 4 walls, large windows, a door and a radiator.

Actually going upstairs, and for that matter; downstairs, we have a slight issue though. The stairs are steep. And by steep I mean I've never seen any stairs as steep as this. They'd be impossible to navigate while under any sort of medication or alcohol. It's also spiraled, so if you forget exactly how steep they are and you go to walk down them, you'll fall and it'll get very messy. But I don't think of this as a problem, I think of it as a challenge. You can just imagine the amount of exercise these would bring you. "Run up and down the stairs 5 times. Great, now do it without smashing your head open." To be fair, it's actually kinda fun. I like them!

The part about the stairs that I don't like, however, is the bottom. I will guarantee to hit my head every time I go downstairs. :(

Internet is good speed here too, so I think we might place an offer! Thinking about it!


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