Good news, and bad news.

Good news, two people who read my blog! I got the house :D I'll be signing for the place on the 29th and moving in shortly after, looking forward to it but it's quite scary! My girlfriend will be moving over in the middle of August so I'll have some time alone to get used to. But yay!

In other news, at my current place our internet is absolutely terrible lately. We're with a company called Pipex, who once got bought out by Tiscali, who then got bought out by Carphone Warehouse and got part of Talk-Talk. I think. It's complicated. Anyways, the last 3 weeks our internet connection has decided to randomly disconnect, and can take anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes to reconnect. It's very frustrating.

We did a line test with BT (who own the line), everything checks out. I tested it myself using a phone and it works fine, and I also tried to connect using our other phone line and same issues. So it's absolutely not the phone line.

We called up the ISP a few days ago, and explained the situation. They said "our router isn't supported by them because Belkin (the brand) use their own 'signal channel' to connect to the internet at the exchange which is why it sometimes doesn't work". Yeah, crap technobabble. They didn't acknowledge any faults with the service or such, and just tried to sell us a Talk-Talk branded router instead. We hung up.

Pretending it wasn't the ISP, I decided to buy a new router and see if that works. It's fairly hot here, the router is fairly old and we use it a lot. It could be overheating, right? Well, new router came, set it all up... Same issue. Different brand (Linksys), same settings, same issue.

I called the ISP again today to see if I can finally resolve the issue; it must be a fault with their service. It took me 5 mins to get off the "press 1 to make me talk for 35 seconds which you can't interrupt" and finally I got through to a lad in india. He asked for my account details, I explained that it's in my mothers name but I answered the questions to prove I have access to it. He didn't like this, I had to convince him to not hang up and to talk to me instead.

I explained the issues to the guy, and he asked me for my OS. Little odd, but I guess it's standard routine. I explained that it's the router that can't connect, no matter what device I use to connect to the router - but to calm him down I just said Win7 for the machine I was closest to at the time. Then he asked me for my router, and started on the "well belkin aren't supported" technobabble again before I interrupted and said that a brand new Linksys router has exactly the same issues. Guess what, they're not supported either! :o

Apparently before he can even check if there's any type of issue, we must have their special router. I didn't really understand this, they all work essentially the same way, what can their router possibly do that others can't aside from come with default settings? Apparently, nothing. He just needs me to use it because he knows what the router configuration panel looks like so he can guide me through entering the usual settings. I ask him for the settings like he would if I had the router, and he eventually gave them to me after some interrogation. And not a damn thing changed. They're the same settings. He just said, "well it's not our router, I won't help you".

I told him that I tried to debug this issue myself, and it looks like it's timing out during authentication, and his reply was just "it's not our router". I told him that once while debugging it, I received an odd message in the router debug log that contained a message during authentication saying something like "Account is suspended". This was weird because if it was suspended, why could I connect at all? I asked him to confirm if our account works or not, and he just flat out refused "I can't give you any information, you're not the account holder". I told him I don't need any details, I just need this one very impersonal detail which is safe to give out, and he put he on hold for 2 minutes.

Could this be it? Is he finally going to give in and tell me something simple? He came back. "No. I can't give that information to you". I hung up.

And this is why today I am angry!


TheJohnley on 07/15/2011 6:07 p.m. #

Person number 3 here! It might be your MTU value. Do some googling to see if your ISP may have changed it to screw over anyone not using their router that can accept their updates.

mbsuperstar1 on 07/17/2011 10:34 p.m. #

Person number 4 here, And I always read your blog ;(
Upsetting you de-value your readers :'(

P.S. Pretend you have their special router to get help :)

Samin on 07/18/2011 8:11 a.m. #

maybe you were the two readers he meant :D
damn, that would make me the third :/

Couldn't you just switch to another ISP that isn't completely messed up?

Nik on 07/18/2011 8:27 a.m. #

Wait so would that make me the 4th as Samin is a person that can't be wrong. I'd suggest that you have their router too and just play along. Make sure you get your net sorted with a decent company in your new place!

Somerandomguy on 07/18/2011 7:25 p.m. #

I think he counts 'the readers' by viewing how many people subscribed to the RSS feed. Which in that case, I am one of. How about you, guys?

dinnerbone on 07/18/2011 9:23 p.m. #

I have 3 people subscribed now! Apparently. In good google reader, at least.

Anyways, we've asked for a MAC code and we're transferring to virgin media asap. Let's see how that goes :)

Basso on 07/22/2011 3:17 p.m. #

That is even worse than the internet connection in Albania. Well, except the electrics tends to disappear every now and then :)

fvfasiwele on 01/19/2012 3:05 a.m. #

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