Bukkit video tut: Episode 2!

Second episode is up, now with 500% extra sound.

Clicky! (Source here)

In this episode, we'll give a command to toggle the red carpet + a permission for who can use it. Hopefully it should be simple to follow!

In other news, today is the day I receive dozens of spam emails from long forgotten websites wishing me a happy birthday. Suddenly I just realized I am now 20 and can no longer claim to be a teenager and blame things on that. Oh well, here's to another year!


Samin on 07/23/2011 8:44 a.m. #

Wow. That's actually 500% improvement, not only in sound volumne but also in image quality. Very helpful tutorial again :)

JerwuQu on 07/23/2011 5:45 p.m. #

Thanks SOOO much for these tutorials! Now I can finally make some plugins.

Basso on 07/23/2011 6:15 p.m. #

Thanks for this :)

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