And now here I am, in my own house

So, I moved in yesterday. Spent the whole day packing and unpacking and putting things back together and stuff. Exhausting! But it's all done and I said my goodbyes to my parents and now here I am all alone, in my very first home.

It's scary, but I can get used to this. There's all sorts of weird unfamiliar creeks which I'll have to get used to, and for some reason the whole house sometimes violently shakes and screams whenever the bathroom hot water tap is used. I'm assuming it's air and it'll pass, but I'll get it checked out if it isn't.

I ordered a pizza yesterday to celebrate, and the bloody delivery guy was wandering around looking lost on the other side of the street. I yelled him over and it turns out we're going to have a lot of trouble with nobody knowing where our house is. We're number 11, the house directly next to us is 15, and there's no number 13 (unlucky number etc) which confuses people who are hunting around. Plus, we have a sign for a completely different road outside our house. Not good!

The internet just activated, and it's 3.9 Mbps down. Seems a lot faster than my old one.


Martin on 08/08/2011 2:38 p.m. #

When is the house-warming party?

dinnerbone on 08/08/2011 2:39 p.m. #

When's the soonest you can get here?

Glotty on 08/08/2011 6:12 p.m. #

The noise from the pipes is probably air, it may pass or it may get worse (like mine has), dont have the cash for a plumber though :(

Marze on 08/09/2011 5:18 a.m. #

I hope it hoes away. Dinnerbone has a habit of taking shower at the weirdest hours!

Martin on 08/09/2011 11:52 a.m. #

@Dinnerbone: No idea! I would have to consult my vacation calendar. Next vacation is during BlizzCon so that won't be possible. Soonest after that is December or February.

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