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Money woes

Those of you who are brave enough to browse the internet without blocking adverts (be honest, none of you :D) will have noticed there's now an advert on the right-side menu on my blog. Last resort, but I kinda need the cash.

Turns out, due to legal trouble and taxes and stuff, I won't have any sort of income until it's too late. I have rent in a week and already being slapped with many bills for water/etc, and I only have enough to pay the rent for that month and nothing else. Long story short, I don't have enough money to live. I will soon, hopefully, but not now. I don't even want to think about shopping :D

Please feel free to help a bone out and hit me with a donation (or, equally as valuable to me, a hug). It'd really help me, but you don't have to!

In better news, my beautiful Ola is moving in with me on Monday. I'll be leaving ...

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