Minecraft 1.8 soon!

Yay, minecraft is updating! To 1.8! And then again soon after with more features! :D

I both love and hate these periods where updates are coming. I love them because I actually have stuff to do, it's always interesting reading all the new changes in the code, and it's actually quite fun (in a sadistic manner, I guess) racing to be the first mod to release.

I hate it, because I always see complaints like "omg bukkit will take forever to update, I'll have to make a backup then switch to vanilla and wait for bukkit then restore the backup and then update bukkit and then update bukkit plugins it's so much work!"

Our update times lately are within the hour, sometimes minutes for experimental releases. Updating to bukkit will take you all of 1 minute, and updating your plugins is not needed (except for the VERY few that stupidly use native api which guarantee them to break very often. But that's true of other mods too). This puts the consumer amount of work to about 5 minutes, and seeing people complain about that when I'm about to spend an entire week crawling through obfuscated code line by line to actually make it possible... it does make me sad :(

But we'll still keep at it! And hopefully, we'll make this update as seamless as possible and as fast as you can imagine :)


findyourexit on 08/29/2011 2 p.m. #

Solid post mate - always appreciate your work (and the team's!), and I'll be one of the first to say that there are many more like me out there that cannot truly express our appreciation for your time and effort. Don't let the ungrateful few discourage you and the team, everything thus far and undoubtedly into the future is nothing short of legendary. Thankyou.

thehutch on 08/29/2011 4:29 p.m. #

Most people only complain because they are too stupid to not know of the dev builds and only wait days for the recommended ones.

Keep it up dinnerbone + devteam
Also can't wait for your next tutorial series :)

mbsuperstar1 on 08/29/2011 6:25 p.m. #

Well maybe you should communicate with the creators of these so called plugins and add what they need to the official api...

NPCs have been lacking for a long time...
I guess 1.8 itself will fix that with the villages.

yottabyte on 08/29/2011 7:20 p.m. #

Don't worry mate, those are the people who stick out the most. The majority really appreciates Bukkit for what it is. Keep doing what you do, it's simply amazing work.

Jadedwolf on 08/29/2011 7:25 p.m. #

I think most people do understand, they just are stubborn and forget this is a community not some site where they get software. Once it kicks in that this is bigger then all of us, it's a lot easier o explain things to people.

matan7890 on 08/29/2011 11:10 p.m. #

As "findyourexit" wrote, we and (as I hope) so much other people appreciate your whole team's work, and when i'm trying to think how much work you are need to do to make my little server be working...
And to think that when I just opened the server I was thinking that it's hard to just open a working and stable server...
And if i didn't had a place to tell you untill now, So thank you (and your team) for yours hard work :)

Furbolg/Carkasjak on 08/30/2011 12:47 a.m. #

Hi, Dinnerbone. I appreciate you. <3

Peter on 09/05/2011 10:40 p.m. #

I feel your "pain" with all these "when are bukkit gonna update post". But remember for every post there are many more waiting in the background without these annoying posts.

Im always letting the server run on old version until bukkit and the needed plugins are ready. And running a vanilla test server with the new version. It's easy and the players loves it.

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