Pig Tails!

I has a pig! :D

Piggy shot 1 Piggy shot 2

Ok, there's a story to this I promise. It's not just because I love fluffy toys. That only had a small part in it!

Back when we were house hunting, you may remember that we found a house that came with its very own pig. A toy pig, mind, but a pig none the less. We didn't get the house, and this was a great loss - who can go back to regular houses after something like that? We need a pig with our house now!

So the good chap Grum, another one of the bukkit team, realised this and decided to send us our very own piggy. He also bought one for himself too, because piggies. It came from an Amazon seller somewhere in England; I live in England and Grum lives in Netherlands.

This was about 3 weeks ago. His came almost instantly, from England to Netherlands. Mine never came at all. After many yellings at the sellers, he got a refund a few days ago and bought one off ebay instead - and here it is!

Yay piggy! Thanks Grum :D


Samin on 09/01/2011 1:07 p.m. #

I hope notch adds tameable pigs

robinjam on 09/10/2011 2:36 a.m. #

Baww, how adorable :3

Joel Gustafsson
Joel Gustafsson on 09/10/2011 10:16 p.m. #

Better not show my girlfriend this... she'll rip anything a part in order to get her hands on one of those!

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