Blizzcon and meetups!

So I got back from my trip to Blizzcon last week. It was lots of fun, I met most of the curse peeps, and the rest of the bukkit team were there too so we all met for the first time in person!

The flights were rather bad, I managed to get my name on some kind of blacklist somehow which got me a long random security check before I even checked in for my first flight! They asked me a bunch of random questions, such as if I had any letters from the bank as proof of address on me (why would I bring that to a holiday :(), and took my luggage to a special screening area with half a dozen employees watching the baggage screening monitor closely like it's about to explode. Personally, I'm blaming my new beard.

After some long meetings with Curse, we took a trip out to Disney Land for teambuilding. I managed to break my phone pretty early on, not quite sure how yet but I think I must have crushed it. It was ok at first, just a cracked screen but worked, however it's pretty much dead now and I think I'll wait for the Nexus Galaxy and buy that when it's out.

I managed to get sick pretty early on, and I lost my voice for blizzcon so I didn't get to spend much time there - I decided to just sleep it in. I did meet Gabe Newell though! Invited him to the Curse afterparty, he said sure but didn't come :( Ola met with Richard A. Knaak + Christie Golden and she was really excited about that!

The Curse party was excellent, lots of people there - famous and cool - and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately, loud music + no voice == not much for me to do so I had to leave before it closed. We met Felicia Day, Jay Wilson (the Game Director of Diablo III), and a few other cool people. Jay was wearing a creeper shirt, he's a minecraft fan! But apparently had never heard of Bukkit, so that's a little :(

Not much else to say. I've recovered from my being sick, but I'm afraid I may have helped caused the "con-flu" infecting a few thousand others. Oops. My ears didn't pop from my flights, and they're still a bit bad now, but they're getting better (I've learnt my lesson: never fly with a cold. Oh god.)



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