In a Futile Search for a Home

So it's now tuesday, my girlfriend goes back to Poland tomorrow and we won't see each other again until I manage to find us a place.

The apartment viewing on Saturday was cancelled, the current owners of the apartment don't want a couple living there. Yay.

There was a final viewing today at 1, and we decided to go there a little early just in case we wouldn't make it in time (yay taxis!). We arrived at 12:55 and nobody was around, okay, we're early so it's kinda to be expected. But then we waited, and suddenly it was 1:25 and we decided to go yell at the agents.

"Oh, we don't actually have keys to that property, we cancelled the appointment a few days ago. We were supposed to leave you a message!".

So that's that. We've now seen a total of 4 apartments (well, 2 unique) and we've ran out of time. I'm going to try to find a place ...

In Further Search for a Home: Addendum

Just got back from the fourth apartment for today. Taxi was 15 minutes late, and thus we were late, but it's all good the current occupant is very friendly and doesn't mind. Yay!

This one was literally 1 foot away from the entrance to the building. That's both very cool (yay, less walking!) and very not cool (noise!). Building looked like it only had about 6 apartments though, and the girl said it's always very quiet there, so I guess that's fine.

Apartment had one bedroom, which was a very tight fit for a double bed but looks quite nice. I'd probably hit my head waking up every morning though, I'm not too keen on overhead cupboards for beds.

The bathroom was tiny, everything inside it was tiny to make it look bigger. It apparently had a bath and a shower, but I think they wrote bath instead of sink. I didn't see a thing!

Living room and kitchen were kinda merged into one, but I don ...

In Further Search for a Home

So we've booked a bunch of viewings for apartments and a couple of houses, had 3 already today in the same block of apartments, and another different one later tonight.

The ones we saw today were converted from an old boys school, it's very roomy and quiet and just overall lovely. The first apartment there had a very high ceiling, which is always good for tall people like me, but right as you come through the door to the apartment there's a cupboard on the left which was strategically placed so that you're guaranteed to hit your head on it as you enter. Not cool. The kitchen was fairly nice but meh, and the bathroom was very pink, but otherwise we liked it.

The second one was recently renovated and had a very nice kitchen. The window sill in the living room was huge and I swear it can double as a sofa, and the bathroom was just lovely. It was a single bedroom, but large enough that you can squeeze ...

In Search for a Home

So, I'm finally venturing out from inside this hidden high security vault, and find a new place to live. With my girlfriend. Who's moving from Poland. This is going to be an adventure!

This is my first real time looking for a place, and it's all a little confusing. Started to hunt for a nice place for both of us this week, which is going ok but we haven't seen anything really fancy yet. Since neither of us have any strong ties to where I currently live, we could look for a place anywhere but we're opting to stay near Shropshire to stay close to my family.

The only big factor in finding where we want to live, however, is internet speed! At my current place, I average about 2.7 Mb/s down (0.7 Mb/s up), and I'm maxed at 3 down. My girlfriends place is even slower, so we're really hoping to find somewhere that's at least half decent.

Not much else to ...

A Bukkit full of fixes

So Minecraft beta 1.6 came out today. Four times, in fact. What a fun day this has been!

After staying up all night to prepare for the patch (which was scheduled to come early morning) and make sure this update goes as smooth as possible, it hits about 10am my time and instantly the whole team are ready to go and working together over Skype to get this done as quickly as humanly possible. It took us 2 (!) hours later, in which time Mojang released 2 more (minor) updates, but we finally had a 1.6 compatible build ready to go. Everything went better than we could have imagined!

And then we went to test it. Oh joy. None of our test servers were strong enough to let us all join the same server. And trust me, these aren't cheap VPS' with 500mb of ram. What the hell could be making it go so slow?! We spent about an hour trying to figure out where the bottleneck is, with a few small theories ...

Bloggeration commencing!

So, I've finally got around to making a website! And an actual website this time, and not "this site is broken"!

The blog aspect is based off Zinnia, a cool little open source blog project for Django. The rest of the site (which as of time of writing, is extremely little) are my own Django apps. This's my first real project in Django and I must say I'm liking it so far!

I decided a while ago that I needed a blog so I can write about the rather amazingly stupid adventure I recently had towards the end of my previous job. But I think I might just skip that depending on how bored I'll get, and just skip to the more boring technical posts. Who doesn't love technical blogs about something nobody really cares about! <3

My current plans for this site are to redevelop the old IRC stats I ran for #mmo-champion in django, and then find something interesting to blog about. Maybe squirrels. Squirrels are cool, right ...